A final goodbye

Never knew love then,
You judge me the wrong way?
Nice to know, you haven’t changed
No,I’m not all the same;

Gave me your everything,
It’s too late to realise this,
As I never let you pour in
But you can see HOW MUCH I’m dying;

Have been bad,I must have been really bad
So why he left
And I tried my best,
to never let him know what he meant;

His aroma, those dreamy eyes..
Well I deserve it right
sulking over night
missing the beats in our lives;

So gently he held my hand,
and our fingers touched,unintentional
but that felt innocently great,so special
And many other things I’ll never forget;

Your aroma, those innocent eyes,
knew every bit in my mind
Swear ask any friend of mine
How your name brings me a smile,

When you stand just infront of me,
fix your eyes on mine-let this moment freeze,
The whole world stands a still
if I just could tell you this,

I never knew fear, you hid me fear
with no promises to be here
Oh, its killing me,if I could tear
the pages on which I scribbled the WRONG letters,

I don’t wanna ask no empty scary silent space
if we can be back again..one day, a good day, the best day;
Ah,Don’t want tears anymore baby,
We better say our story -a goodbye!

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