quiet city

You’ve got to step outside this planet –

View it for a change,

From the scenic views outside;

     End short-term-rebellions

        Cause everybody dies sooner than we’d like anyway.

     Let’s build something with our hands

That won’t be tossed aside

And stop slamming our doors to homes

When we walk by in the confidence of hope.

I know we really aren’t wolves

But I’m not so certain we’re sheep

Cause we keep baking bricks

From the mud under this house where we dwell

And stacking them against men we pretend to call ‘Brother.’

Where do we go, Lord;

When Earth passes from view

Like a blue memory that we exchanged for pain?

Galaxies keep coming

And quantum physicists know nothing

About the end of things

Or the beginning,

Where they prayed to a God they pretend to call ‘Father;’

Even when the skies were falling

Through their lens-capped…

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