Killed me even before I turned 18

Since the day you left
I dont remember exactly when
My soul left me too
and flew far away

I have been couting seconds since then
wondering when I’d finally breathe again
Cause with an empty body,
I feel almost dead

No more acting,pretending
Without you I ain’t active
Wondering when I’d finally breathe again
When? When? When?

I shoud’ve known,the day you
came, I let you hold a gun
and press the trigger
Whenever you want

What should I be praying for?
Anyone else, better than you,
which seems rare
or a memory loss? I don’t care

I see it, I can’t let go
The city lights seem your glittering eyes
everything beautiful holds
your soul, voice and mind

Throughout those six years,I
had always you by my side
In good ways in bad days ,on birthdays
Sometimes you hurting me, later I hurting you back

No matter what, we were on each other’s side
If you didn’t want the person I was inside
You had enough chances to leave
Nah, but you saved them all-to finally KILL!

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