To have been loved by a GENIUS!

Intricate networks
Specific worlds
Behind those spectacles
I reach none

Listening voices
with utmost attention
Stories synced
find any word

Accompanying nod
But a nod might not mean an agree
A conclusion in his mind
“That sounds just not me”

Knows evey beat,
timings, intervals but sits
quiet, as he was a genius

Details in his head,
acquainted with what’s needed to be alive
One day his logic failed
And fell for me

Ignorant, clumsy, always acting stupid
yes, that’s me, yet I somehow fit
into his list
Wan’t I too immature for him?

Maybe, but I fit into his feel
OH,a lot heartless too I had been
Feels fail to fill
Was wanted by that guy, you can’t mind it

Not too many talks,I already mentioned
with days going by,
traces of him stacking high…
so high it stood, broke WINDOWS and GLASSES of my room

Started bleeding, wounds scarring
my body, someway felt good
Realized what he was and I am not
What these realizations could feed?

I demanded never roses,nor any materials
Tried loving his worlds and likings
I don’t desereve that bad?
Someone to scar me, to get hold of things

I would’ve preferred my genius,
if he carried,a heart softer
than the one he did , and GENTLY
unbolting the windows and doors,instead of CRASHING!

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