Love love (2)- “Safe and Sound”

‘You look beautiful’,
No, those weren’t his words. .
yet made me gain belief in love-
He said,’You make everything beautiful’

‘I miss you so much”,
No, he never uttered them too. .
yet showed me love is pure
when whispered he, ‘Thanks for the memories
you gave, I wanna make more with you’

‘I need you’
Nah, haven’t heard him speak those as well,
yet made me believe, love is never wrong
that night,when he confessed, ‘Why was I breathing all the while?
To meet you someday, and admire life’

‘My perfect lady’
uh-ha, didn’t play with such compliments anyday
yet showed me love is perfect
He accepted ‘ I wanna take in what’s Godly, the universe
is already so perfect,I don’t want them any’

‘I’m here for you’
no ,no,no.. no offers he made
yet I realize, how much I love him,
as he confided ,’I know you can do the best,
but I ain’t going anywhere’

I’d be waiting..

If life were a mirror
reflecting my dreams
I’d wait..
like I wait everynight for him
He, who brings me sleep
amidst unending miseries
lighting up the darkness surrounding,
with feathery touches
of impatient fingertips

If life were like my dream
taking to places i’ve never been
I’d open my
absorb perfect pictures painted
by unskilled untamed hands
pouring what had been locked
in for years,in that beautiful head-
purple meadows, breezy nights , green forests
drenched in rain..

It’s heavenly calm out here
a feeling we all ever want

Let this night never end,
why won’t I let him kiss, like
it’s me that all he needs?
Let our story never end,
why won’t I believe in his words,
when he’s a child within?
Let our dreams never end,
Why won’t I be waiting ,
when all he did was heal my soul
and changed everything?

you own..

milky glasses
golden leaves
falling over roads untrodden;
sighs ,you won’t ever understand
calendars unfold
my story aint old
Racing through pages
it’s back there
you’ll find my soul
tears blend my skin tone
mascara has frozen
wrinkles coating me
don’t bother anymore. . .


Imprinted, deep within the soul
his last words, ending phrases
my prologue,
a permanent impression
as I hold,
like my morning prayer
Anytime I come across
those few syllables
spotted in the corner of some page
a perfect reflection,
I’m taken to those days
Seems I’m sailing with time,
but I’m with you
what you then referred, meant
chuckles laughter,
his last page is gold
Beauty , they bring me pure bliss
Tears falling off eyes,
something so heavy settling down
lightening up
you’re imprinted
deep within my soul…