I’d be waiting..

If life were a mirror
reflecting my dreams
I’d wait..
like I wait everynight for him
He, who brings me sleep
amidst unending miseries
lighting up the darkness surrounding,
with feathery touches
of impatient fingertips

If life were like my dream
taking to places i’ve never been
I’d open my eyes..to
absorb perfect pictures painted
by unskilled untamed hands
pouring what had been locked
in for years,in that beautiful head-
purple meadows, breezy nights , green forests
drenched in rain..

It’s heavenly calm out here
a feeling we all ever want

Let this night never end,
why won’t I let him kiss, like
it’s me that all he needs?
Let our story never end,
why won’t I believe in his words,
when he’s a child within?
Let our dreams never end,
Why won’t I be waiting ,
when all he did was heal my soul
and changed everything?

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