Love love (2)- “Safe and Sound”

‘You look beautiful’,
No, those weren’t his words. .
yet made me gain belief in love-
He said,’You make everything beautiful’

‘I miss you so much”,
No, he never uttered them too. .
yet showed me love is pure
when whispered he, ‘Thanks for the memories
you gave, I wanna make more with you’

‘I need you’
Nah, haven’t heard him speak those as well,
yet made me believe, love is never wrong
that night,when he confessed, ‘Why was I breathing all the while?
To meet you someday, and admire life’

‘My perfect lady’
uh-ha, didn’t play with such compliments anyday
yet showed me love is perfect
He accepted ‘ I wanna take in what’s Godly, the universe
is already so perfect,I don’t want them any’

‘I’m here for you’
no ,no,no.. no offers he made
yet I realize, how much I love him,
as he confided ,’I know you can do the best,
but I ain’t going anywhere’

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