Tried many ways, to understand.. what’s there that makes you think the way you do.. thought about why you loved, thought so much ..that in the end I fell in love. .
fine, you’re just someone, too complicated for naive happy go lucky girl like me, but can’t help it?can we?
Okay, where does the story end?
You chasing me, and giving up,
I chasing you and . . ? and what? should I give up the way you did? or try acting like ya, all is fine, I don’t wanna a guy, I had my first and the last love, that’s it.. god!!! The truth is.. I don’t know.. let’s check the present circumstances?
Why should I start hating you for making me feel so worthless, I really am not up craving for what others are, really , no.. however I guess, one thing is true,, I don’t know if you’re happy, you must be , cause you decided to never talk to me, and decisions are always made by you, according to you, the ones that pacifies you, right?
I deserve to be happy though, and that’s my decision.. so here’s it, I care about you, and would pray for your best, but I’d always pray for myself as well, who never betrayed me, never ever did something that would physically or mentally harm me so I should stay with myself more..and do things that make me happy..
This made me happy, ya, writing it!

so , I guess, you guys too can give up just complicacies… life is as beautiful as this picture i collected from Google Images, 🙂

Love love (3) -Crush~

My days and nights
are equal
I see rain every
now and then
life is what
it always was
But hearing my
heartbeat even louder today..

You got my
head spin round and round
going crazy at
every thought of us together

I’m not scared
speaking my mind
I’m sure
What is that I’m
looking for
Intimidations all
falling low

Wanna live my life this way,
with you. . .


If there was
a way out
or a remote button
to switch off the TV
we are playing
many movies in,
Where would we jump out?

Run free
in a garden,
Sprwal on
grasses green,
Bathe deepest
in snshine,

Are we confident again?

If there was
a way out
or some tool,
to bring down
masking us-
those Devils
love watching

Would we be happy
to find ourselves still

Swim through the galaxy
We aint
characters anymore-
just who we are
Maybe now,
that’s not something
we need to
think about!

Are we confident again?

I guess,
we’re in love
with ourselves again!