Finding yourself. .

It’s like
running through dark forests,
pricked by thorny bushes
feet bleeding, strike sharp edges
You still aren’t afraid of the ghosts;

It’s like,
a velvet cover on a king sized bed
no sleep to be found yet
gulping custard with golden spoon
that won’t fill your hunger anymore

No need of clothes,ya-
cover you up
No handsome smile
to light up your sky
For what’s choking
to be vomited out;

That little guts is in you,
will be pleased
once if you show it off!

‘I feel safer now
capable of suffering all the pain
got me what I want, what I think,
what I love the most’

‘Let life move on,
I’m someone who’d move too,
complete for me,
no regrets,
I’ve got what I love the most!’

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