Who cares!

A thoughtful thought or some sort of a theory, had struck me really hard -a kind of conclusion that completely makes sense and embracing which has mended faults in certain perceptions I held.
Here it goes..
Who cares about the past? And why care about the past? ‘Past’ here includes both the ‘good’ and the ‘bad’ ones.
Now many of you (if not many, atleast a part of me that’s ever ready to contradict a theory I propose to myself to believe in)might suggest on how sometimes, ‘our past’
helps to remind us of days when we were someone else or when we used to work so hard . . blablabla this and thats. Ofcourse our pasts are rather examples which are the most inspiring and convincing ones , cause these are the examples set by us ,ourselves. However, I guess, we’re missing important technicalities regarding ‘acting under defined circumstances’ .
First, think of that time in the past which you look up to now, what was the source of inspiration then?
Second, which is rather an implication of the previous statement, the present circumstances are so different, which not only includes the materialistic world around but also you, as a biological system whose chemistry changes quite a bit with time and age. Nothing is in control dear!
There is this idea I strongly believe in, and if you’re a one who gets disturbed and feels helpless sometimes at such thoughts, it may suit you well.
It is -‘ No one knows your past, no one ever will -cause even you don’t know it the exact way, to precise details-lights and dark days!
Just know one thing, don’t kill the present.
Don’t kill yourself by not living at the moment!’
Maybe at the age of eighteen , you’re naive and don’t much about life;
yet I do carry a theory that says-
“Every moment is a life, don’t kill it”

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