Love love

Maybe someday if you don’t feel my love, I’d say, take a blank paper. Write your name on it. That’ll be me. The plain sheet of paper with just your name is my love I am not able to let you know. When things get blurry, and we lose our rationales, it’s hard to figure out why we ended where we are. People, men and women are chasing happiness and some million dreams. I don’t want to make it complicated with other stuff cause I have not wanted too many things.
On that paper, you can write any reason, I will understand.
On that paper, you can ask any why, I will answer. There is nothing I fear cause I love you the most. This is my truth. The truth of my life. And if still our love fails, maybe I will give up on love, as I have seen myself getting fooled.
Maybe I will accept it’s all an illusion.

Run away 


Why do we wanna run away

Was it ever this way 

When we were kids back then 

Well I d say

We misunderstand 

Everything is just the same

Look around buddy 

It’s just the same

Maybe somewhere inside

We’re a little broken 

But that’s okay 

We figured this right again 

Don’t stop

Don’t stop

Let it go

Let these go

Don’t run

Don’t hide


Stand strong

We’ve got it right… 
Don’t you feel the same? 

Don’t you feel the same? 
Like when we were kids then? 

Finding yourself. .

It’s like
running through dark forests,
pricked by thorny bushes
feet bleeding, strike sharp edges
You still aren’t afraid of the ghosts;

It’s like,
a velvet cover on a king sized bed
no sleep to be found yet
gulping custard with golden spoon
that won’t fill your hunger anymore

No need of clothes,ya-
cover you up
No handsome smile
to light up your sky
For what’s choking
to be vomited out;

That little guts is in you,
will be pleased
once if you show it off!

‘I feel safer now
capable of suffering all the pain
got me what I want, what I think,
what I love the most’

‘Let life move on,
I’m someone who’d move too,
complete for me,
no regrets,
I’ve got what I love the most!’


Quiet, deeply quiet
decided on what things mean;
They mean nothing
everyone is running-
a mice race,
Are they smiling?
I call it faking,
But they say they’re living
Then am I dead?
Why ain’t I craving?
oh my god,
believe I’m sane
nothing intimidates,
What do you want?
won’t find here any, so
go away
I thought everyone
knows love, friendship,trust ,respect
Now I’m scared
let me live my life
my way, because
nothing won’t change

Quiet, deeply quiet
I’m happy agian. . .