My breath

Running up

Running up

I’m panting

I’m tired

I don’t know

If I’ll ever reach

The finish line

I’m climbing

I’m climbing

Up so high,

I don’t even know

If it’s worth the while,

But with you I will

Always feel

The breeze surrounding me,


like oxygen

under the sea,

My sun

In the darkest nights

Yea,a sun,

I’m in love

I’m in love ,my breath!

Drenched in his rain. .

Crystal clear,
shapes and forms
Us together
my eyes behold
every colour, the shades
so bold,
an aura-
sparkles like gold;

Sixteen years old,
when we don’t know
What’s going on
just know to flow,
until you stop
and sink really low
but then,
we still learn to float;

Dark evening, nights
you by my side
our breaths mix,
in quiet atmosphere,
surrounding us a
thousand fireflies

You smile at my tone
the voice, I hate the most
Oh baby, please don’t go
I was insecure
Now you’ve build me so strong,
let us pay what it is worth for!

I remember how it felt,
like a child even when its was cold
Snug, the tape I’d play
on and on. .
Don’t you wish to be back there anymore?

Morning time,
fresh air ,blossoms, aroma, too nice
You were there for me
Have nothing left, good is gone

A perfect love story
don’t end this way baby,
our lives-
clean, not a dark spot
take my hand and dance,
forever and more!

Sixteen years old,
not too intelligent though,
have whole our lives to be stepped on,
Don’t you want that feeling back?
Two years old,
charismatic air?
A perfect love story, don’t
end it this way;

It’s in our hands
to erase ,what stains
the goodbyes, ignorance
we can fix it up again,
no tough word ever spoken
easier than many of them ,there
bare it all for once,
I’d do the same
text you late night
steal food from your plate,
hold your yellow towel
all so perfect,
just this time,

with words
I’d really wanna say!

Finding yourself. .

It’s like
running through dark forests,
pricked by thorny bushes
feet bleeding, strike sharp edges
You still aren’t afraid of the ghosts;

It’s like,
a velvet cover on a king sized bed
no sleep to be found yet
gulping custard with golden spoon
that won’t fill your hunger anymore

No need of clothes,ya-
cover you up
No handsome smile
to light up your sky
For what’s choking
to be vomited out;

That little guts is in you,
will be pleased
once if you show it off!

‘I feel safer now
capable of suffering all the pain
got me what I want, what I think,
what I love the most’

‘Let life move on,
I’m someone who’d move too,
complete for me,
no regrets,
I’ve got what I love the most!’

Things must go wrong

NO, I’m not tired or giving up… I don’t know even know what to write or why I’m writing.. but this whole consciousness that’s enabling me to put out certain words in an order that makes sense somehow is making me feel far better and alive.. ya , man, life takes a turn and go according to some plan, some plan.. that I dont know about you, but atleast I don’t know.. n this suspense, which should thrill me, makes me freak out.. freak out at every thing that happens.. that doesn’t happen..Am I just kind of a little ambitionless? I love singing, and listenening to music. . and that makes me happy, but but, there are so many things going around, politics, sports, bla bla bla…. ya, what’s the whole point of writing this? Don;t ask me, I don’t know, sorting of maybe venting out, or trying to convince myself that writing something, or anything can bring up your spirit…or whatever, thats just me.. I really can’t pretend and be faking around people , doing things I don’t appreciate, but who cares? If you just say, “aww it’s lovely, I like it.. you’ll be loved by everyone..if love is taken not that seriously,”..
Well I’m end it, things have gone wrong, wrong can be different according to perception, so I felt things went wrong, for some of you , it might not, cause ya.. there hasn’t been anything as specific, just I felt that way, however whatever so happened brought me back to who I really am, and was, and this fact makes me happy..

Do you guys also take pride in that???

Love love (2)- “Safe and Sound”

‘You look beautiful’,
No, those weren’t his words. .
yet made me gain belief in love-
He said,’You make everything beautiful’

‘I miss you so much”,
No, he never uttered them too. .
yet showed me love is pure
when whispered he, ‘Thanks for the memories
you gave, I wanna make more with you’

‘I need you’
Nah, haven’t heard him speak those as well,
yet made me believe, love is never wrong
that night,when he confessed, ‘Why was I breathing all the while?
To meet you someday, and admire life’

‘My perfect lady’
uh-ha, didn’t play with such compliments anyday
yet showed me love is perfect
He accepted ‘ I wanna take in what’s Godly, the universe
is already so perfect,I don’t want them any’

‘I’m here for you’
no ,no,no.. no offers he made
yet I realize, how much I love him,
as he confided ,’I know you can do the best,
but I ain’t going anywhere’

I’d be waiting..

If life were a mirror
reflecting my dreams
I’d wait..
like I wait everynight for him
He, who brings me sleep
amidst unending miseries
lighting up the darkness surrounding,
with feathery touches
of impatient fingertips

If life were like my dream
taking to places i’ve never been
I’d open my
absorb perfect pictures painted
by unskilled untamed hands
pouring what had been locked
in for years,in that beautiful head-
purple meadows, breezy nights , green forests
drenched in rain..

It’s heavenly calm out here
a feeling we all ever want

Let this night never end,
why won’t I let him kiss, like
it’s me that all he needs?
Let our story never end,
why won’t I believe in his words,
when he’s a child within?
Let our dreams never end,
Why won’t I be waiting ,
when all he did was heal my soul
and changed everything?