My breath

Running up

Running up

I’m panting

I’m tired

I don’t know

If I’ll ever reach

The finish line

I’m climbing

I’m climbing

Up so high,

I don’t even know

If it’s worth the while,

But with you I will

Always feel

The breeze surrounding me,


like oxygen

under the sea,

My sun

In the darkest nights

Yea,a sun,

I’m in love

I’m in love ,my breath!

Aftermath ,of a warm handshake!

He’s a man I don’t know
He’s a man I won’t feel
Where is it going?
my soul, my body?
A touch, of the fingertips
could make a new me?
Can’t hide, no more
feelings,cravings, desires. . .
rushing through doors
walled up high, closed
Baby, don’t tell me,
Is it wrong?
oh ,oh,oh
I can’t uphold,yet
I’ll uphold;

you’re a beautiful soul!