Love love

Maybe someday if you don’t feel my love, I’d say, take a blank paper. Write your name on it. That’ll be me. The plain sheet of paper with just your name is my love I am not able to let you know. When things get blurry, and we lose our rationales, it’s hard to figure out why we ended where we are. People, men and women are chasing happiness and some million dreams. I don’t want to make it complicated with other stuff cause I have not wanted too many things.
On that paper, you can write any reason, I will understand.
On that paper, you can ask any why, I will answer. There is nothing I fear cause I love you the most. This is my truth. The truth of my life. And if still our love fails, maybe I will give up on love, as I have seen myself getting fooled.
Maybe I will accept it’s all an illusion.

Don’t wanna lose again!

Realizing what you are
is sometimes quite difficult
Like a thousand colours
blind you here
But just one shade to choose
You don’t wanna lose again
Like many a dream
comes and haunts you here
Screaming , crying, yelling
You try to be someone else
The star was just there
by your side, like you always wanted
The eyes never caught its sight
Thinking of those days
when you couldn’t see yourself
Wishing it ended ,all for once
Wanting yourself was what you ever wanted
You are stronger than what you thought
Tougher than a rock
can stand a storm alone
you just need to know
need not hide ,baby,
you need to know.