My breath

Running up

Running up

I’m panting

I’m tired

I don’t know

If I’ll ever reach

The finish line

I’m climbing

I’m climbing

Up so high,

I don’t even know

If it’s worth the while,

But with you I will

Always feel

The breeze surrounding me,


like oxygen

under the sea,

My sun

In the darkest nights

Yea,a sun,

I’m in love

I’m in love ,my breath!

you own..

milky glasses
golden leaves
falling over roads untrodden;
sighs ,you won’t ever understand
calendars unfold
my story aint old
Racing through pages
it’s back there
you’ll find my soul
tears blend my skin tone
mascara has frozen
wrinkles coating me
don’t bother anymore. . .

If you can see within.

I am a boat. Floating about in a vast sea.

There have been many a storm, lot many cyclones but then always comes a bright , peaceful sunny day in the end.

It’s fascinating to meet such diversity. Everyone with its beautiful bitter experiences. Some gave me company along the voyage. Some rather took revenge of their past mysterious sorrowful days.

I don’t end my venture. I still float. In the quest for the boundaries , denying that there is no end .

Maybe I give thought to some other thought. What if I wanted to swim down. I perhaps want to swim down and discover the mighty world inside , show the beauty that lies within every other thing that might seem empty.

Cannot find anything on the surface. But there’s a lot if you can see within.